Spring Congress 2019 in Athens

One of, if not the most important EESTEC event of the year is the Spring Congress. The reason for this becomes apparent fairly quickly. Two official representatives from every branch (Fun fact: This is a new term that was voted on during the congress.) were there to best represent the interest of their own branch and discuss and debate topics concerning the future of EESTEC as a whole.

This year it was held in the beautiful city of Athens. So we packed our bags, hopped on a plane and escaped the grey and dreary Karlsruhe for a week. As soon as we arrived to our accommodation, we got to meet many new and interesting people from all across Europe or even some old friends.

The first two days were not actually spent debating in the General Meetings, but instead there were some very informative trainings and working sessions on Sunday, while on Monday we went to a conference where different companies talked about a number of different topics. On Tuesday the long working days finally began for the official representatives, while the unofficial ones got to explore the wonderful Athens visiting the Acropolis while eating a greek classic: the gyros pita. As the week progressed, the most notorious event was the fact that a new international board got elected, which we would like to wish all the best for their upcoming mandate. After long working days we got to enjoy some incredible parties at rooftop bards among many others to let off some steam and socialize with all the fellow attendees.

Friday afternoon the last General Meeting was finished. We packed our bags beforehand since we left the city of Athens westward to enjoy the sunny beaches of Loutraki. After some dearly needed relaxation and a new tan (alongside some occasional sunburn) and some more great parties we had to pack our bags a final time, this time to return back to Karlsruhe.

Overall this week was incredible. From meeting many interesting people to seeing wonderous Athens all the way through getting to experience so much of the notorious EESTEC spirit. To put it simply: If you have the opportunity to attend an EESTEC event, take it. You will not regret it!