Rotkäppchen Goes Wild – participant report by Megi

Between the 15 th and 21 st of July 2019, I was part of the international exchange
“Rotkäppchen goes wild”, that took place in Karlsruhe, Germany, organized by the Local
Committee in there. The other students from The Electrical Engineering Students
European Association and I had to prove that we were brave enough to “survive” in the
Black Forest haunted by the Big Wolf, with no telephone waves and no mobile data at all.
When I first heard about the event and saw the details about it, I understood it was the
perfect one for me, since I like adventures, learning new places and creating new
friendships. This event showed me that all the stereotypes about Germans being cold
people were not true and that they are really kind, lovely, good cooks and amazing hosts.
The students that arrived earlier or left later than the others can talk more about the
hospitality and the values of these people.
The first four days we had to live all together among the trees, the birds’ songs and lots of
ducks using our new friendships, teamwork and the most important: the EESTEC spirit.
During these days, as brave EESTECers we tried traditional German food, went hiking at
the Black amazing Forest, had a refreshing bath in the forest lake, cooked with the
organizers, danced “Here I come and here I go” and after the intensive Beer Workshop,
we were able to know by taste and view all the types of beers.
But that wasn’t all. We experienced the magic of DAS FEST for three more days, the
nightlife of Karlsruhe and of course the City Rally. Those who made it through all the
challenges during the week, were rewarded with unforgettable memories and
experiences, endless photos, lifelong friendships and of course some extra fat :p.