Alex’ report of the 11th Training for Trainers in Istanbul

Our Member Alex Mutz was on the 11th T4T in Istanbul, here is his short report:

I arrived back home from the 11th T4T in Istanbul yesterday. T4T is a life changing experience! You learn a lot about yourself, get to know a lot of interesting people and get inspired by everyone around you. What happens during the event? During the event you attend several sessions of Trainers Competences, e.g Self-Awareness, Self regard and a few others. You learn about Attitude and Learning. You learn and apply the concepts behind Training Design, Training Delivery and practice Presentation. Throughout the whole event you work on your own session, your own little baby, that starts growing up. All that while going to some nice parties and leading interesting conversations. I personally learned a lot about myself, learnt a lot from others and went home with a head full of ideas and way more information than anyone can process. T4T for me is an event where some of the most inspiring, smartest and diverse people of your generation get together in order to learn from each other share ideas and knowledge. In the end I went home as a grown, improved and self-discovered person.