T.O.O.L Boostcamp 2.0

The event took place on 08.-16.12.2018 in Ljubljana. Almost every day, we had a training session in the morning and another after lunch. Our first session started on Sunday morning about EESTEC awareness, which presented a detailed overview over the structure within our organisation. In the afternoon, we covered the topic self-development. Afterwards, we talked about the day in our daily reflection groups and ate Chinese dinner at the hostel, before we enjoyed an awesome karaoke evening at “Student Kampus”. On Monday, we learnt many useful tools due to task management, for example we got to know the online tool Trello or different versions of To-Do-lists. We ate dinner at a local restaurant and enjoyed a wonderful walk through Ljubljana winter night. After reflecting the day, some participants stayed at the hostel playing cards, the others went to a bar. On Tuesday, we covered the topic “Public Relations” and “Fundraising”. Due to the second topic, the trainers organised a phone call with a company agent. Three participants worked together to design a sponsoring offer for an EESTEC event, which we presented to him in order to develop a cooperation. This was very exciting, everybody put a lot of effort in fulfilling this task. In the evening, the international night took place at “Student Kampus”. It was an awesome party with lots of different cultural experiences, much fun and only few hours of sleep. Consequently, Wednesday was more relaxed in the morning. After lunch, we enjoyed an amazing city rally. Starting on the castle, located on top of a small hill, we enjoyed a lovely view over Ljubljana and finished our tour with a delicious dinner at a restaurant. On Thursday, we covered the aspect “Project management”. Referring to this topic, we played a game in the afternoon in which we organised a whole project. The game guided every group, step by step through the difficult process. It was great to experience the development in this detailed way. After having reflection groups, we enjoyed a great Cocktail night at “Student Kampus”. During the next day, we talked about different topics, for instance responsibility. In groups of three, we discussed several questions like “What does responsibility mean to each of us?” or “How does a responsible leader act?”. After dinner at the hostel, we shared stories about our funniest moments of the week. We laughed a lot and enjoyed an awesome hour together. With visiting city and castle, taking pictures and drinking hot chocolate in a café, we enjoyed our IMW. Before going to a famous student club in the evening, we ate Pizza and played several games. Afterwards, we finished this awesome event with a great party night. The time in Ljubljana was mostly shaped through working sessions throughout the day. Moreover, we managed to improve ourselves, making new friends and living the EESTEC Spirit. It was an awesome event and I encourage everyone to participate in it!