International Night

After one week of non-stop workshopping, the night to rule them all arrived: The International Night!
To those who need some inspiration for some epic party, those are the things you need for that:

  • 22 amazingly enthusiastic student from all over Europe
  • some food (again, a lot of snacks and also some decent food)
  • a very good DJ
  • dance floor
  • EESTEC Spirit

And well, needless to say: We had them all!
The moment the students from all over the Europe stepped into the room, the preparations had started: Everyone wanted to show off their “traditional” stuff, whatever that may be. No one has ever dared to miss the opportunity to try out some new stuff. We can say that the exchange between cultures found its peak through food and drinks, as always. But in the end we also found the common ground: the dance floor! The music elevated the mood and everyone danced, no matter how silly it was. To be able to meet such bright electrical and computer engineers showed us once again that you can study, travel, improve your soft skills, find lots of new friends, dance and have a lot of fun besides studying.

~ Zeynep