Trip to Weingarten Lake

Wait, what’s a “Baggersee”? What does it mean?
Well, well, that question was asked by many participant on the IMW but the answer came soon enough: It’s a quarry lake, where we spent our afternoon on Saturday!

Swimwear packed? Check.
Some unhealthy food packed? Check.
Frisbees and games? Check.

Last but not least: EESTEC’ers? Baby, we were born this way!
On a sunny but (stereotypical for Germany) chilly day, we found ourselves by the lakeside just laying under the sun. Those, who were brave, enjoyed swimming and playing games in the water while the others were enjoying their time on the ground. When it was time to go, everyone was sad to leave such a lovely place with sun, beach, lake and a stunning view. But we moved on, since the party had to go on!

~ Zeynep