One more Karlsruher joins the EESTEC Training Team

We are proud to announce that another member of LC Karlsruhe has joined the EESTEC Training Team!
Congratulations to Maximilian Schwind for successfully taking part in the 9th EESTEC Training4Trainer in Bucharest, Romania and gaining the status of training candidate.

Max has been an active member of LC Karlsruhe since November 2015. He acted as FR Coordinator for our “Electrify: Mobility of Tomorrow” workshop before taking over the position of Vice-Chairperson of Fundraising and Treasurer on the board of our local committee in June 2016. Currently, he is on his ERASMUS semester in Valencia, Spain.

The EESTEC Training Team is a group of dedicated trainers offering extensive sessions on various soft skills topics for members of EESTEC and others. More on
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