MedTech LC Munich Review

Howdy, EESTECers! With great pleasure I present you the review of our proud member, who had the chance to visit and meet the amazing LC Munich. Enjoy…

I’m student of Electrical Engineering, almost in front of the finish line of my Masters studies. I’ve been an EESTECer for a long time, and from the very beginning I was actively taking part of various events that EESTEC is offering, smaller and bigger.

It’s not an exaggeration if I say this event was a real temptation to me – its topic covering what interests me the most, electronics and optoelectronics in medicine, was a green light to me. And let’s not forget about EESTEC events’ spirit – it’s kind of magical, really. You just can’t get enough of it!

MedTech was my second workshop. Although I’ve been in the Munich before, I didn’t really have the chance to “feel” the city and just be there. December is the kind of time when the atmosphere is pretty chill and in some sense light – no surprise though, since it’s the month of Christmas. While packing I couldn’t stop the excitement that was flooding my mind just on the thought of seeing this beautiful lightened by hundreds (or thousands? Sorry, I didn’t count :)) of colorful lights. I may sound like a little kid but the view was simply spectacular.

Even if I was excited over the lovely view of the city – just like a kid, I could enjoy it with savory Glühwein in my hand – just like an adult 🙂 I could sip on this delicious drink and chat with other, and it’s yet another advantage of such events – people! Great people that gather together in the new city for mostly everyone, just mingle between themselves. Could it get any better than this?

Actually, it could! Thanks to many fun activities that our dear hosts have prepared for us, boredom was everyone’s very last concern. The most memorable for me was hiking – I’ve never tried it before, and I was really looking forward to it. Again – views! These magical views of Alps! It’s a great experience that I won’t forget for a long time (probably until I’ll get old and have a memory of a goldfish).

Of course, it wasn’t all about fun. There’s also academical parts. The schedule was pretty tight and packed with visits to different companies and laboratories. Most impressive to me was a visit to the Brain Lab. Among other things, they’ve shown us tools tracking system. In one of the laboratories which is placed in a hospital I was a guinea pig for the ultrasonography that was performed by the robot’s arm (by the way, I think that location of this lab is pretty smart, it allows very close connection between “client” and “producer” – results in prompt reaction when needed). Also, the next thing that I really liked, was that we could participate – “touch” and test – presented technology, not only listen about it.

Although it must be quite clear (I hope :)), I had a time of my life. I could meet nice people, make some new friendships, learn a bunch of new stuff, discover beautiful views of the city (again, my inner kid awakens :)) and relax by staying active all the time.

It was one of the best weeks of my life. I met nice people and made some friendships, I learned in one week more than in one subject about technic in medicine (which take one semester) I can’t wait to see what other fun and educational activities LC Karlsruhe will have in the future!

Author: Dorota