Regional Exchange 2

What do you get when you cross Germany, Belgium, France and Switzerland?

Incredible cooperation, interesting people and tons of fun, of course! Regional Exchange was held in Aachen this year, beginning on the 21st of November and ending on the 25th of November, 2016. When you hear the name, it sounds like all work and no play, right? Well, you are completely mistaken!

While the sun is upon us, we shall work and improve our region, making it the best it can be. We sacrificed (well we cannot exactly say that, seeing how we really enjoyed it) our time for the gods to grace us with the energy and great vibes in the party time!

Days were spent having motivated people interact and share experiences in hopes of improving our system and showing even more people that EESTEC is the epitome of student life.  Having empowering presentations held by numerous professors and representatives on topics of Inno Energy and The Mobility of the Future. We sat in the first rows of powerful people explaining their successes and strategies to a bunch of starters who may not have a clear goal in mind.

But we were not only greeted by the consuming lectures of the professors, seeing how we also have some EESTEC celebs who were kind enough to show us some of their tricks. Captivating performances of LC Hamburg’s trainer Vadim, Aachen’s Hanna and working sessions delivered by LC Munich and yours truly, (J)LC Karlsruhe. Topics covered teamwork, persuasion, cooperation and many other subtopics.

But the day cannot last forever, so when the night is nigh, our party faces are on! Aachen’s night scene will have some moments to remember, but shhh shh!

Finally, would anything be half as fun without the right people?

It’s about crossing things off your bucket list. It’s about the friendships you form,
always having a couch to crash on in every city in Europe. It’s like a family sharing the same dream.

As described on EESTEC official site.

It is making friendships that last a lifetime. In the end, memories are what count. No matter what happens, some memories can never be replaced. We may go different ways, we may never see each other again…. But what we shared will always remain treasured, for the times that come.