Lecture by Prof. Dr.-Ing Martin Doppelbauer and Tour of the ETI

After beautiful words of greeting from Professor Sören Hohmann, the workshop started with a public lecture delivered by none other than the Chief of the Chair of Hybrid-electric Vehicles at the Institute of Electrical Engineering at KIT, Professor Martin Doppelbauer.

The extinguished Professor gave the thorough overview of the current status in e-mobility, the research, production and acceptance of electric vehicles in Germany and the World.

He also explained the basic components of electric vehicles, such as electric motors, batteries, fuel cells and charging processes. The award-winning electric motor designed by the Institute of Electrical Engineering, and used today by the KaRaceIng racing team was also explained in detail. Concluding, professor Doppelbauer gave his outlook on the future of electric vehicles and e-mobility in general.

Afterwards, the participants had a chance to visit the Institute of Electrical Engineering (Elektrotechnisches Institute – ETI), one of the oldest and most prestigious institutes on KIT. They could see the current research being conducted in the field of electrical machines and power electronics. The tour was lead by Dr Klaus-Peter Becker who presented the institute in the best possible way. The participants visited different stations throughout the building and saw the unique facilites that the institute has at its disposal.