Don’t Present. Inspire! – Presentation Skills by Mihailo-Michael Tosic

The second soft skills training was held yesterday by the Chairman of JLC Karlsruhe and EESTEC Trainer-candidate Mihailo-Michael Tosic as part of the preparation for the Electrify workshop in Karlsruhe. The goals were to further improve the presentation and content creation skills of the very motivated members and prepare them for the subsequent lecture promotions of Electrify.

The training was divided into three parts. At first, the topic of voice was covered with a 1 min speech exercise. Then the body language theory of Mark Bowden was thoroughly explained with emphasis on the grotesques, truth and passion planes and practiced with a dynamic exercise. Finally, content creation was discussed through the golden circle principle of Simon Sinek and closed with a 3 min speech exercise.

The next training will take on the very important topic of giving and receiving positive and negative feedback, as well as the implications on our self-esteem and will be delivered by Michael and his mentor, the experienced Dominic Angerer, certified EESTEC Trainer from LC Munich. More info coming soon.

If you are interested in joining the preparations and improving your skills along the way please feel free to contact us per e-mail or Facebook.