Event Management Training with a special guest – Bojana Mihajlović from LC Belgrade

EESTEC JLC Karlsruhe welcomed a special guest last weekend, Bojana Mihajolović from LC Belgrade. She stopped by on her way to the StartUp: Upcoming Technologies Workshop in Zurich. Bojana has been the chairperson of LC Belgrade and Coordinator and Head Organizer of multiple projects, the largest and most important being the recently successfully finished 30th EESTEC Congress in Belgrade, Serbia. She is also one of the members of the EESTEC Angels team, dedicated to helping Karlsruhe improve.

On Saturday morning, the team members of JLC Karlsruhe participated in the Event Management training, delivered by EESTEC Trainer-Candidate Mihailo-Michael Tosic and our special guest. They explained the basics of making calls and sending e-mails to companies for fundraising and marketing purposes. Afterward, the topic of crisis management was covered, as well as event logistics.

We owe a big thank you to Bojana for sharing her valuable experience with us!