Philips Company Visit

On Thursday, we started early in Karlsruhe to go to Philips Healthcare, located in Böblingen.
After our arrival we were welcomed by Mr. Bernd Gärtner who organised the event on their side. After his short introduction we went to the Customer-Visit-Center where they showed us Philips’ product line-up and demonstrated how they work and what they do. You could clearly see how many thoughts went into designing those products and how much things have to be taken care of. Afterwards, we took a coffee break and our group got split in half. One half went to visit the production line and the other got the opportunity to talk to some of the engineers and developers of Philips, who gave a lot of insights into their work and how they approach and solve problems. 45 minutes and another coffee break later, the amount of coffee breaks was desperately needed after such an early start, the groups switched places. Towards the end, everyone who was involved came to an interesting Q&A-session and some joined for lunch.

~ Alexander