Opening Ceremony

Nothing is more important than a motivational introduction in the topic. So we put a lot of effort to realize an unforgettable opening ceremony. First of all, our chairman Maximilian Schwind welcomed the participants and introduced them into the story of LC Karlsruhe. Furthermore, he presented his career in EESTEC, which was very inspiring. Secondly, our head organizer Corinna Übel revealed the schedule for the upcoming week. This made the participants curious and exited, so that they were really looking forward to the week. Yet, the highlight of the Opening Ceremony was the speech of Prof. Dössel of the IBT. His presentation “Heartbeats- Medical Technology in the 21st century” summarized the current research and gave an outlook to further innovations. It was really inspiring and illustrated the fact that biomedical engineering plays an important role in an engineers workspace. After that, everyone was well prepared and ready to experience an awesome workshop.

~ Linda