Lecture Invensity

The presentation from the firm Invensity was going over the growing phenomenon of autonomous cars and the risks and dangers it brings with this growth; most importantly how to overcome these risks and the general process in the automotive security sector.

With the advancement of sensors and artificial intelligence, the car manufacturers were able to make cars with the ability to assist the driver, even drive the car and park it without the touch of user. With this improvement also the car had to connect with dozens of sensors and satellites in order to perpetuate the experience. These connections were some vulnerable points for the people who can interfere. Nowadays people can interfere the connection between the car and the key or car and satellites or car and other devices for various reasons. Some of the examples are people copying the wireless signal of a car key for car theft, or even deadlier like what happened to various dodge cars; a hacker controlling a car wirelessly through the cars internal network (aka Bus system).

Invensity is a firm that provides consulting services to firms such as (in this case) helping the automotive manufacturers by giving expert consultation services about the cyber security issue that to develop ‘’next gen’’ autonomous automobiles. They work with over 200 experts in various fields such as systems engineering, project management, safety management, cyber security and etc. They were a part of our EREC event in Karlsruhe to inform us about the theme ‘’Automotive Security Management’’ and help us get widen our perspectives.

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