Digit All in Madrid

Travel is the most enriching experience a person can have. For me the best trip I have ever had was last week when I went to Madrid for a Workshop about the new technologies.

In fact I had so much fun visiting this amazing country. From the moment I stepped there I was lured by warm splendid weather and the wonderful sceneries that stretch from north to south. Moreover I was amazed by gorgeous monuments of this city and I enjoyed my time sightseeing in the miscellaneous touristic places such as Plaza Mayor de Madrid, Theatro Real, The Prado Museum and the Cibele Palace. I also got the chance to go the Bernabéu and as I am a huge fan of Real Madrid, It was a great pleasure for me to see all the trophies and Cups gathered together. Actually I was very impressed how the Spanish government have managed to make this Stadium one of the most famous and touristic places that people are eager to visit. A part from this, I enjoyed so much tasting the traditional delicious odd Spanish dishes such as “Tortilla” and “Paella”.

On the weekend I went to a Avila where I had the chance the climb the mountains, inhale fresh air and do some sports. Furthermore this trip was a great opportunity for me to make new acquaintances with the warm generous inhabitants and people from all over the world and acquire new Knowledge in the field of augmented reality and virtual reality. I actually tried a 3D Glass that make you see things that are not really existent. I was very lucky too to visit a virtual room, as there are only 11 rooms in the world. It’s incredible how many things you can learn in just one week just by taking the plane and going to another country.
My trip to Madrid was a memorable one and I will never forget those days.