First Autumn Congress in Belgrade Review

To describe the 1st Autumn Congress in Belgrade in one word? – Amazing

Yes, you definitely need to have this word in your vocabulary if you are a part of EESTEC. The Congress is the most important event in our association. It takes place twice a year, once in spring and the other time in autumn. So what could describe the most important event better than THE EESTEC word?

Perhaps you’re asking yourself why is this event so important? Well, at least one representative of each local committee is coming to this event, as well as the members of the international teams – a total of around 70 EESTECers. Can you imagine so much EESTEC spirit in one place? It can only be amazing!

For EESTEC Karlsruhe the 1st Autumn Congress in Belgrade was even more significant, as we were promoted to a local committee. LC Karlsruhe thus became one of the fastest committees to be promoted from the JLC level in the whole EESTEC history! We are now a full member of our EESTEC family.

There were so many other great moments during the Congress and I can only mention a few of them here. Generally, mornings were reserved for work on topics relevant for our EESTEC community, such as the EESTEC Competition and Regionalization. In the afternoon we would explore the beautiful city of Belgrade. We visited places such as the great St. Sava Temple, the second biggest Orthodox Church in the world, and the Nikola Tesla Museum and got an exclusive city tour with our own tour guide. After all the serious work we had done during the day, unforgettable parties followed throughout the whole night, of course! And believe me, Belgrade is a perfect place for that. My personal highlight was the tram party. They booked a whole tram for us and we danced and drank with a really special rhythm 😉

I got to know amazing people – which are now my friends, explored an amazing city and had an amazing week. I wish to thank everyone who made this event unforgettable for me, especially the Organizing Board of LC Belgrade.

I hope everyone will get the chance to go to an EESTEC event. It doesn’t matter to which one, because each one is great. You will take something special to you back home, we call it the EESTEC spirit.

With lots of EESTEC love,