International Night

Preparing: Amazing memories


  • 28 Students from all over Europe
  • As much different views on matters
  • All ready to get to know each other
  • And make friends for a lifetime
  • Sing
  • Dance
  • Party!

Every EESTEC event has to have an Interational Night. It is an event that puts together 28 students from european countries and a unique opportunity to experience different kinds of cultures even for one night. It is said that a country  can be expressed by its food. That is the goal of International Night. You throw all kinds of food and drinks for different countries and just go around trying it all. Musik mood is up and you dont need to have crazy dance moves  to get up and just move. Gathering of intelligent, young engineers who are the builders of our future in such a light enviroment is the proof that you can study electrical engineering, travel, emprove your soft skills, make friends and have tons of fun.

Hadiko walls, if they could ever talk….