The board of 2016/17 has been elected!


I am utmost proud to present you the new board of JLC Karlsruhe!

Chairperson: Selina Eckel
Vice Chairperson for FR & Treasurer: Maximilian Schwind
Vice Chairperson for External Affairs & CP: Katarina Dabetic
Vice Chairperson for Internal Affairs: Milena Matejcek

Oversight Committee:
Sabrina Kost
Mihailo-Michael Tosic

Board Assistants:
Anja Shevchyk
Daniel Ladiges
Daniel Baumann

Last year was a tremendous adventure and I am glad to be able to hand over this JLC Karlsruhe to these great people.
Karlsruhe is just getting started and with this team, I have no doubts that more amazing things are awaiting us!

Thank you all for your support.

Yours truly,

Mihailo-Michael Tosic