Bavarian Breakfast

Something called “Weißwurstfrühstück” was planned for Sunday morning before the departures. “Damn you Germans, why are your words so long?”, you may ask. It actually has a very logical meaning: white sausage breakfast. The signature breakfast from the Bavarian region of Germany presents proudly: White sausages and pretzels with wheat beer. Everyone had packed their baggage, since it was the last day of the IMW, got ready and took the tram from the hostel to the university campus. To those who have never been in Karlsruhe: At the heart of our campus, there is a cafe/bar called AKK, a self initiative from students for students. At the beer garden of AKK, we ate our breakfast, drank a couple of wheat beers, chatted, said our goodbyes to those who had to leave towards their hometowns. It was a lovely and stress free ending to one epic week full of learning, travelling, trying out some new food, dancing, partying and having lots of fun. Also known as: a week full of EESTEC!

~ Zeynep