Soft Skills Training

One of the main promises of EESTEC is “improve yourself”. For that reason one can always expect a great Soft Skill Training at any event one visits, no matter how technical the main topic.

“Stain’ Alive” was no exception to this. Maximilian Schwind and Michael Tosic delivered a superb training on “Win-Win Situations” and the “Habit-Loop”.

The whole training was very interactive, as we were taught to rethink rules and overcome pre-made mindsets so we can get the best out of a situation, furthermore not only for ourselves. The second part wasn’t any less demanding to all the participants as everyone was motivated to reflect on their own habits in their everyday life, finding bad ones and trying to come up with replacements as we were directed how to implement those new habits.

The amount of things we were trained during those four hours was high and the trainers kept everyone 100% motivated for this time so that i believe every participant learned a lot, and had a good bit of fun while doing so.

~ Julian