Porsche Excursion

Look, look! They are in a Porsche! When I grow up, I am gonna have one just like that…

How many times have you heard and seen strangers act like that? Even kids. We can safely assume, that they are not yet that well equipped with vast amounts of knowledge about the automobile industry, yet every child knows what Porsche stands for. It is everywhere. It is known in every part of the world. I can only think of one reason that would be. People buy quality and enjoyment. Porsche offers you everything you want and more. That being said, it is very easy to assume how our reaction was when we found out that we had been given a unique opportunity. For us to go to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, even during the stressful exam phase, was a must.

So, on that cold September morning, we did not need the second alarm bell. It is completely reasonable for the alarm to malfunction when you have to go to a lecture or get up and work. For Porsche, we were all as awake as it gets and ready to be amazed. And disappointed we were not. We were greeting with amazing facts and stories about the museum and the company itself.

“Every idea is treated as an opportunity actively to tackle fresh challenges and probe the limits, yet still remain true to yourself. This museum endeavours to reflect all that.” said the architect Delugan Meissl in his dedication.

We stand proud to confirm every last word. From the first Porsche that was ever driven to the brink of technology, it combines cutting-edge research and personal approach, so you can always find one just for you.

Having gotten a glimpse in the elegant world of high-class auto industry, we had the honour to be on the receiving end of Dr Zag´s speech about the news of tomorrow: Electrical Cars, Autonym-Driving and Connect Car. After his speech, we didn´t allow him to leave by asking him all kinds of question, seeing how our interest was spurred, and he answered each and every last one with interest and amusement. We can only hope to find an occupation that gives us such joy.

Last but not least, we enjoyed the cafeteria and the meals offered. Not everyone can say, that they ate at Porsche´s!

We would also like to use this opportunity to show our deep gratitude towards the organizers for giving us the opportunity and gifting us with their precious time, as well as our amazing participants who got to see what it feels like to be a part of EESTEC and experience incredible new things.

Looking back at the stories of Porsche and EESTEC, it is hard not to see the drive we have behind us.  And if you look a bit beneath the surface, we share the same motto:

A vision becomes reality.