Out with the old, in with the new! – Farewell from the Board of 2015/16

Dear EESTECers,

The 1st of August marks a monumental milestone in EESTEC. As of today, the previously known Board of EESTEC International is now the Board-ex-officio, or in other words, the Board that left the office and the previously known Board-elect has now officially started their mandate as the Board-in-office, or, in other words they are now officially the Board of EESTEC International!

Being the old geezers that we are, we would like to share a few parting words with you, the generations of EESTECers that will now continue to lead EESTEC forward into new victories and even better days….

EESTEC is not only an Association. EESTEC is a way of life. By being active EESTECers, we make life-long friendships, we learn many hard and soft skills, we gain experiences that help us in our personal and professional lives for many years to come. Being an EESTECers is a privilege that not many can experience. Cherish this experience, grow from it and always stride for more. Use EESTEC every day and let EESTEC help you become a better person, engineer and above all a better human being. One day, you will realise just how much EESTEC has taken you forward, and hopefully, how much you have taken EESTEC forward as well.

The single most important thing that we would like to share with you in the end is that the power in EESTEC lies in each and every one of us. EESTEC is made out of it’s members. We all give EESTEC the strength to soar to new hights. Never forget this.

There is this almost magical, serene feeling that entices all of us. Some call it love, some call it passion, however officially we call it “EESTEC SPIRIT”. It is this energy that connects us and makes EESTEC what we all love and have passion for. Nurture our EESTEC Spirit and let it grow along with you, because without it none of this would make sense. Leading projects, initiatives, developing your skills, this is all important. However, the most important thing at the end of the day are our friends and family. EESTEC is both of these. Nurture your EESTEC Spirit, nurture our association to become better.

With all of this been said, it was truly an honour for us to be a part of the EESTEC International Board and we thank you all for your support and trust that you have given us throughout the year. We thank our Oversight Committee, ECM Organising Committee, 30th Congress Organising Committee, all of the Operational Event organising committees, BATCAMs, and all of you, our dear EESTECers, because without you, we would not have achieved anything.

Last, and certainly not least, we thank you, the now new Board of EESTEC International, for taking on the responsibility and for already putting in marginal effort to lead this association to even better days. We are truly confident that you will not only do an amazing job, but that you will surpass us in every way possible! Good luck! 😉

EESTEC, in order for us to grow stronger, we need to increase the support towards EESTEC International and the International Board. Help the new Board in every way that you can, because you know that these people work every day in order for you to be a part of this network. Respect that!

We maybe are old, but we are not done yet… We will stay in EESTEC for some time to come, to help out and give input. So, if anyone does need us, you can count on us at any given moment.

Stay amazing EESTEC and continue to grow stronger every day!

On behalf of the Board-ex-officio,