The EESTEC Training Team

One of the 3 fundamental values of EESTEC, besides gaining academic knowledge and experiencing different cultures throughout Europe, is self-improvement. As future engineers in the modern age, we will need to master not only Maxwell’s equations, C++ or differential calculus, but a complete new set of skills.

We want to know how to stand up in front of our coworkers, friends, or a crowd of unknown people and deliver our message in the best possible way. We want to be understood and to understand others. We want to communicate efficiently. We want to be able to structure our time and live and achieve to the fullest. We want to stay motivated and focused along the way, but also know how motivate others. We want to be able to work in a team of such motivated people and confront difficult challenges together.

We want to be the leaders of tomorrow.

How is this possible? Where does a student learn the necessary skills and gain such an amazing advantage even before beginning his/hers professional career?

Training is an elementary instrument in any growing and learning organization. It serves to
teach new skills, develop characters, pass on knowledge from one generation to the other
and instill ideals.
Sebastian Stanislaw Wozny, EESTEC Trainer

The EESTEC Training Team is a group of individuals ready to deliver the very best trainings on the topics of presentation skills, communication skills, teamwork, time management, emotional intelligence and much, much more. It was founded 9 years ago and originally thought by experts in these particular fields.

Today, new generations of EESTEC trainers are thought on so called T4Ts or Training for Trainers. A number of experienced trainers spend week of intense lectures, feedback and practices sessions with specifically chosen trainer candidates from all around Europe.