Edu Day on the EESTEC Chairpersons’ Meeting in East Sarajevo

We gathered in the main hall of the University of East Sarajevo and displayed brochures and goodies from our respective universities. Everybody had a chance to walk around and talk about different degree programs and study opportunities at Europe’s best engineering schools. The local students could also join us and investigate different possibilities of studying abroad as well as ask more about EESTEC in general. We shared our experiences with them and had fun at the same time. 

Later on began the EESTEC Talks. The participants had 7 minutes to talk about a motivating topic in some way connected to EESTEC before an audience of EESTECers. It was truly a new experience for me and a beautiful one. I enjoyed the amazing speeches by Dragi, Michal, Sasa, Mojca, Celia, Erne, Filip and Dusan. They all had very good points and made me think about many important issues. They motivated me to work harder and achieve the things that I set forth to achieve in JLC Karlsruhe, my studies and my personal life. I myself was asked to say a few words and I’m very happy how it turned out. The smiling faces of my most dear friends looking back at me during the talk with always stay with me. This gave a huge boost to my inner motivation regarding my work in Karlsruhe. 

I really loved the EESTEC Talks and I hope we will do it again on the Congress or the next ECM. If so, think about what you would share and apply to do a talk. The experience is truly special and something you will remember!