Smart Energy for a Better World 2015 by LC Krakow (Matthias)

Our one week workshop “Smart Energy For A Better World” with ABB and EESTEC in Krak√≥w, Poland started with a warm welcome at the airport. We joined the group that already arrived the day before and introduced each other with some fun games – with 18 participants from all over Europe and even India and Mexico, it was clear that this week will be awesome!

Monday to Friday forenoon and eartly afternoon we visited the ABB corporate research center in Krakow. The company really made its best effort to give us a great insight in new technologies, the daily tasks in the company and practical skills in some of their tools. I enjoyed the signal processing lecture – the ABB presenter did a gegreat job in showing us how to use some theory from university in practical applications.
Another highlight was the last lecture of the Human Resources department at ABB CRC in Krakow. With lots of insider tricks on how to write a CV and how to prepare for a job meeting, we feel confident about our next job application.

Every late afternoon and evening, the EESTEC LC Krakow prepared a superb program for us.
We got to know to the sights in Krakow, like the main square with its St. Mary’s Basilica, Cloth Hall and Town Hall, as well as the famous Wawel castle. Several games and tasks we had to do made the event extremely funny and memorable grin emoticon Later on, we got to know to delicious Polish beer, cool bars, awesome clubs and – my favorite – a funny karaoke bar. It’s amazing how friendly and open people from Krakow are!

As a traditional highlight of every EESTEC event, international night clearly was a great way to experience different cultures and meals. Every participant brought some typical dishes and beverages of their home country and we could enjoy it together and learn from each other – how to cook, how to say cheers and last but not least: how to dance till dawn grin emoticon
This amazing week will not be my last EESTEC event – that’s for sure! Looking forward to feel the EESTEC spirit again.

Matthias Luh